Rodon Cape Guards - Voluntary Action to Clean Rodon Cape Adriatic Sea

13:10 Nov 13 2012 Kepi i Rodonit, Shqiperi

Rodon Cape Guards would like to invite you to November’s celebrations and activities. Since the early days of August 2012, one hundred cape guards have cleaned 1.5 km of coastline and collected 400 bags of waste. A lot more needs to be done. We are looking for people and ways to strengthen the initiative for the restoration, protection and promotion of one of the most attractive areas along the Adriatic.

Coming up this November:

Thursday, November 15th, 2012. An eventful fundraising night at Tirana Ekspres. M. Moikom Zeqo, a renown historian will animate a forum about the Cape. We encourage you to actively participate to this event. Blerta Kambo, a young but experienced photographer has donated 30 pieces of her collection to the Cape Guards. Her work will be showcased at Tirana Ekspres on Thursday and her photographs will be sold in an open auction. The money will support the next cleaning action. Elinor Butka will perform with his fife instrument and Ervis Eshja with his scratch console. All for your amusement. You will be kindly asked to by a ticket for the performance at a symbolic price of 200 Lekë, 1.5 Euro. Again, the money will support the next cleaning action. We will go back to the Rodon Cape on November 24th for a one day cleaning action together with high-school students from Tirana.

How to be part of it all?

Participate to Thursday’s events, starting at 19h00, at Tirana Ekspres, Rruga Karl Gega, Ish Magazinat e Trenit, Tiranë. Bring your ideas and support us by investing a little money in concert tickets and auction photographs. Volunteer to cleaning actions. The Cape Guards are looking for people that want to do something to reduce pollution in Albania, restore ecosystems, reduce their pollution print and show the way to a sustainable development of tourism. Be patient, tenacious and take initiatives. Alone, we stand aside and watch watch the situation get worse in a widening abyss of despair. Together, we are strong and committed to restore life where it got poisoned. We would like to remind you that the money you give will not end up in our pockets but will help to cover expenses that are necessary to do the job. Also we would like to increase the number of actions we do and specialize in order to be more effective.

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